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Dumpling dough

Dumpling dough – the best ever! <3 This recipe for dumpling dough is much better than the previous one. It is very easy to knead and roll up dough, and dumplings made according to this recipe are very soft! If you haven’t prepared Christmas dumplings yet, you must use this recipe and start making Christmas dumplings :)) Remember not to use too much flour and to roll them up thinly – and then dumpling success is guaranteed! :)

Dumpling dough – ingridients:

  • Wheat flour – 9 glasses
  • Egg – 2 eegs
  • Thick sour cream 18% – 5 spoons
  • Oil – 3 spoons
  • Salt – pinch
  • Fresh boiled water – 3/4 glass


Dumpling dough – How to make it:

  1. Sieve flour through pastry board, make a hole inside, break eggs. Add sour cream, oil and pinch of salt. Stir a dough, add water gradually (do not pour everything at once, because flours from different producers can have different absorbency so we may need less water), kneading soft dough. Cover them with a bowl and leave the dough for about 10-15 minutes, let it rest;-)

  2. Divide a dough into 4 even parts. Cover three parts of the dough with a wet cloth and leave them. Roll up 1/4 of the dough thinly. Using glass, cut holes, put the stuffing inside, fold dumplings in half and press the edges together. When they are ready, cover them with a cloth so as not to go them dry.

  3. Then, repeat this with next parts of the dough.

  4. Boil water, adding salt and oil. Throw dumplings in parts. Simmer them and wait until they are on the top. When they are on the top, boil them for about 5 minutes. Take the dumplings out using a skimming ladle and put on the platter, carefully drain water out. Bon appetit!

  5. You can freeze dumplings. Boiled dumplings should be thrown to a bowl with ice cubes. Then, put them on a cloth and make them dry. Then, put them on a baking tin or board, which will fit in the freezer. It is important for dumplings not too touch each other. Put dumplings in a freezer. Take frozen dumplings out and put them in a plastic bag. Put dumplings in bags in a freezer. When there is a need, take frozen dumplings out and throw them to boiling water (gradually so as not to lower water temperature), simmer.


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